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Uwe Ricken "Analysis of your SQL Server like a PRO"

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Билеты на мероприятие "Uwe Ricken "Analysis of your SQL Server like a PRO"" (19-05-2017 – 19-05-2017)
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Analysis of your SQL Server like a PRO

SQL Server is a mission critical database platform but is sensitive to misconfigurations, bad practices, sub-optimal indexing strategies and poor coding mistakes. Even the fastest hardware can end up performing like a ZX-81 if you get things wrong.

If you are a Database Administrator or Consultant who is responsible for expert performance analysis, problem detection and tuning of the SQL engine then it is important you are able to analyze and tune SQL Server like a BOSS.

In this full training day, I will explain how to identify and resolve serious real world performance problems using concrete examples, demonstrations, possible effects and answers. This workshop will provide over 40 scripts which can be used directly in the workshop on your own machines during the day and we shall simulate performance problems and look to resolve them using a top-down approach.


  • Insides to the workflow of the database engine
  • Importance of security settings for the service accounts
  • Waits and Queues methodology
  • Instance and database level configuration
  • Temp DB importance and optimization
  • Index Analysis and tuning


  • More than 30 analysis scripts help you to understand the bottlenecks of your Microsoft SQL Server
  • Run all scripts on your test- or production environment
  • Analyze the results of the scripts
  • Fix wrong server settings immediately
  • Evaluate bad performing indexes / statistics
  • Take a set of default maintenance tasks every Microsoft SQL Server should have implemented

Speaker: Uwe Ricken
Uwe Ricken is working with IT-systems since early 1990's. He started with development of database applications in 1998 with a professional CRM-System based on Microsoft products (Microsoft Office and SQL Server). In May 2013 he achieved the "Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008. Since 2013 he has been awarded continuously with the MVP Award for his activities and engagement for the SQL community and was the first MCM + MVP for SQL Server in Germany.

19 мая 2017
начало в 10:00
Компьютерная академия "Шаг"
Украина, Киев
вулиця Жилянська 128/28


Организатор: SQLSaturday Kyiv

Тел: +380637910063

Email: alesyazhook@gmail.com